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Company Profile

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    Dongguan Chengzhu Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China,was founded in2006At the beginning of the year, it is a comprehensive processing products company specializing in the production, manufacture and sales of magnesium alloys.ISO9001:2008International Quality System Certification。

Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the design and manufacturing of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy components, mainly involving products including: magnesium alloy die castings, precision magnesium alloy die casting molds, and electric vehicle parts die casting、LEDLightingDie casting, sports equipment die casting, camera die casting, photo tripod die casting, laser projector die casting, vehicle die casting, mechanical product die casting, medical equipment die casting, security product die casting, and other products。

The company covers an area of up to10000Square meters, own mold room, the current number of employees is nearly150People, including mold design, mold technicians, die-casting technicians and other professional and technical personnel. After several years of development, the company has a full set of production, post-processing, testing equipment, etc. Edge cutting machine, desktop tapping machine, gear type automatic tapping machine, precision milling machine, precision grinder, polishing motor, precision spark machine, salt spray machine, measuring instruments and other supporting equipment。




    We mainly carry out metal processing manufacturing, mold opening, proofing and production according to customer drawings and samples. We have mature production technology and rich professional and technical personnel. From the moment the mold is opened until the product goes online and offline, our masters are measuring and monitoring the accuracy and stability of the product.。

     We firmly believe that the company's various specifications products meet customer needs, and the company always“Customer First, Service First”The purpose of the company, sincere to provide customers with quality products and services!


Our core competence

 Founded in Dongguan, Guangdong in early 2006, has many years of experience in die casting production

haveComplete manufacturing process, including mold design and manufacturing, die casting, machining, plating, bakingLacquer, anodizing, dusting, electrophoresis, sandblastingSurface treatment

Highly mobile mold making and repairing capabilities

Product development capabilities synchronized with global customers

Have variousCapable of meeting mass production needs

Equipment Capacity of Die Casting Machines


The complete set is equipped with a central vacuum die-casting equipment.optimizationDie casting quality


Testing equipment can guarantee customers' various quality requirements


R & D mold department


The mold occupies a very important part in production, providing timely mold maintenance and maintenance to ensure normal production operation, and cooperate with different die casting machines

Make itReach the best。


Die-casting equipment


·  magnesiumAlloyDie-castingMachine

·  Magnesium alloy die-casting equipment


Precision Machining


InternallyProvide a full set of one-stop services, including die casting, trimming, deburring, drilling, tapping, milling, turning, vibration research

Grinding, polishing、PowderBody paint, liquid paint and assembly。


Testing Equipment


With imported testing equipment from Germany and Italy, including spectrometer, three-dimensional, optical projector, etc., these equipment can be strictly controlled and guaranteed.

Prove eachproduceProduct quality in the process。


Dongguan City - Casting Metal Products Co., Ltd
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