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Detailed description of magnesium alloy die casting

Detailed description of magnesium alloy die casting

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1. Features:

★ Light weight and low density, 63% of aluminum alloy and 25% of iron.

★ Specific strength and specific stiffness are better than aluminum alloy and steel.

★ Higher vibration absorption and reduced noise.

★ It has good electromagnetic wave shielding performance.

★ High temperature stability.

★ Good heat dissipation

★ Die casting performance is good, the minimum wall thickness of the casting can reach 0.5MM.

2. Uses:

★ Auto industry Steering wheel, instrument panel, wheel hub, clutch housing, etc.
★ 3C industry Mobile phone, laptop, digital camera and other cases.
★ Aerospace Aircraft wings, rocket shells, satellites, and spacecraft structural parts.
★ Other industries Power tools, bicycles, suitcases, torches, etc.

3. Compared with magnesium alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting:

★ 50% higher productivity.

★ Steel mold can be used to extend service life.

★ Lower latent heat, save energy.

★ Good machinability.

★ 50% savings in mold costs.

★ The melt has higher fluidity.

4. Types and applications of magnesium alloys:

◆ AZ91: It has good casting performance and strength, and is used for complex thin-walled parts, such as automobiles, computer parts, hand tools, sports equipment, and household appliances.

◆ AM50, AM60: It has outstanding toughness and energy absorption, and has good strength and mechanical properties. It is used for car seats, steering wheels, dashboards, wheel hubs.

◆ AM20: With high toughness and impact strength, it is used for parts that require high toughness.

◆ AS41: Good creep resistance at 150 degrees, used to withstand high load parts, such as cylinder block.

★ Good cutting performance.

★ Magnesium alloy has excellent appearance and touch texture, making the product more luxurious.

★ Recyclable and environmentally friendly.

★ The reserve of magnesium in the earth's crust ranks eighth. Most of the magnesium raw materials are extracted from seawater, so its resources are stable and sufficient.

Common terms for magnesium alloy die casting process

Die casting
Brushed surface by brass brush wheels
QC tour-inspection
Cutter (degating)
Internal frame trimming
Honing the four sides (removing flash around external frame)
Removing burrs round pads of ejector pin
Filing internal window (filing internal frame)
Abrading internal frame by abrasive paper
Removing burrs in 4 button holes
Full-inspection prior to painting
Wiping with toluene
Applying top coat to bottom surface
PrimerApplying primer coat to top surface
Applying top coat to top surface
PAPAD printing / silk screening
Sampling inspection


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