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I. Production Manager:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete the production tasks as planned, familiar with the system operation process and the implementation of workshop 7S, site improvement, facilities and equipment management;

2. Familiar with the operations and processes of the manufacturing department, good at on-site management, and proficient in all aspects of manufacturing;

3. Familiar with production cost control, overall operation and production operation process and process regulations, familiar with production quality control management;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, strong execution, tracking production, product demand, production process, output value goals, and completing production plans on time and quality.


1. Mechanical engineering / casting / production management and other engineering majors;

2. More than five years experience in production management after die-casting;

3. Possess good interpersonal communication and organizational skills and production management experience;

4. Understand production planning and scheduling, have rich production operation and management cost control, quality management capabilities.

2. Tool manager:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall operation of the mold department, can effectively improve the production efficiency and quality of the department, effectively control the production costs, and improve economic benefits;

2. Organize the work goals and work plans of the department and complete the production tasks on time;

3.Improve the machining process standards of each process of the company's mold department, optimize the work process, and continuously improve production efficiency and quality;

4. Analyze the reasons for the failure of the mold trial and processing quality, and take corrective and preventive measures to ensure continuous improvement and improvement of quality

5. Responsible for the appointment, training and evaluation of department employees.


1. College degree or above (mold or mechanical major); more than 5 years management experience in hardware / mold manufacturing company;

2.Excellent leadership, organization, coordination and efficient execution, can mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of personnel in various positions;

3. Familiar with various processes of hardware and mold processing, proficient in using various drawing software;

4. Master the ISO9001 and ISO14000 system operation process.

3. Assistant engineer:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist engineers to convene relevant meetings during the process of product introduction into mass production;

2. Assist the engineer to make samples;

3. Preparation of product operation instructions, engineering drawings and engineering change orders;

4. Collect and arrange various technical data transfer procedures.


1. College degree or above, majoring in mechanical / mold related majors;

2.With more than one year of work experience, have a certain ability to independently analyze, solve problems and communicate information;

3. Proficiency in computer (office / drawing software, etc.).

4. Process engineer after die casting:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the optimization of die casting and product structure, participate in the design review of the development department, and give guidance;

2. Responsible for the optimization of product process technology, propose process requirements and standards for hardware manufacturing, standardize the production process, and improve product quality and efficiency;

3. Provide guiding requirements and standards for the management of post-casting processing equipment, and provide technical support for post-processing equipment for production;

4. Responsible for effectively solving quality problems in production and customer complaints.


1. College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering;

2. Proficient in post-die-casting process and metal stamping process;

3. Can independently complete the production of tooling fixtures, proficient in machining equipment and use;

4. Has rich post-processing technology and process improvement of hardware products;

5. More than three years of experience in die casting and related technologies.

V. Fresh graduates:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the company profile;

2. Familiar with and understand the assigned department work;

3 Familiar with the operation process of each department of the company;


1. College degree or above, fresh graduates in mechanical or mold category;

3. Familiar with office software, will use drawing software, have a certain ability to recognize pictures;

4. Have strong communication and coordination skills, clear regulations and good analysis, and strong learning ability.


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