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Answer customer questions?

Answer customer questions?

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Customer asks: Our drawing tolerance requirements are very high. Can you do it?

Chengzhu A: We have seen many drawings marked with high accuracy requirements, but you can be sure that the higher the accuracy, the greater the processing cost. Therefore, the dimensional tolerance of the part drawing should be marked in consideration of the actual situation, not the higher the mark, the better


Customer asks: What if the product does not meet the requirements?

Sincere answer: First of all, we analyze the problem first. If it is an error in our processing, we will arrange it again or discuss with the customer as soon as possible. If the product is scrapped due to the wrong buyer's drawing, we will discuss it separately. Any Problems can be satisfactorily resolved through communication and negotiation until you are satisfied. If a professional bad appraiser makes trouble unreasonably, and we reach out for money, we will never compromise and will inevitably carry out the complaint to the end.


Customer asks: What is the minimum order quantity for custom processing? How to calculate the sample?

Chengzhu A: Our minimum order quantity is 2000 / mould, which involves mold design and development, die-casting, nozzle, batch front, burr, drilling, tapping, CNC machining. One-stop processing business such as polishing / vibration and surface treatment. If your company chooses to produce products in our company, we will provide customers with free samples to maintain and maintain the molds for customers.


Customer asked: What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy die casting?

Chengzhu A: 1. Aluminum is a very light metal, which can be used to make various parts that require reduced quality, such as automotive, aerospace, and aerospace parts.

2. Has good electrical and thermal conductivity.

3. Good oxidation and corrosion resistance. In the air, the surface of aluminum is easy to produce a dense oxide film of disulfur trioxide, which can prevent further oxidation. But aluminum is not resistant to corrosion in alkaline media and brine.

4. Aluminum has high strength and good plasticity, and can be processed into various shapes.

5.Aluminum is also very brittle at low temperatures, and can be widely used in refrigeration equipment. Industrial pure aluminum is mainly used in the manufacture of wires, aluminum foil, anti-corrosion aluminum-clad materials and conductive parts. Industrial pure aluminum with magazine content greater than 2 is mostly used for making utensils, daily necessities and decorative materials.



The customer asked: Why can't the machining allowance in the hole of aluminum die casting exceed 0.25mm?



Chengzhu A: In order to be suitable for die casting, humans have added a lot of silicon (SI) to the aluminum alloy for die casting. When the aluminum alloy is condensed in the mold, the silicon will float to the surface and form a thin silicon film. This layer of silicon film is very hard and very wear-resistant. Some OEM designers take advantage of this feature. The inner surface of the hole of the die casting is directly counted as the bearing surface. This silicon surface layer is usually only 0.2 to 0.9 mm. Too much machining will shorten the life of this bearing surface.



The customer asked: Why do aluminum die castings have black spots when they are polished?
Chengzhu A: There are several reasons for this. It may be the formation of silica or alumina. The solution is simple, use fresh aluminum ingots. However, the greatest possibility comes from the release agent. It may be that we spray too much release agent. It is also possible that the organic content of the release agent is too high. Some of these organic compounds are reduced to carbon at the temperature of hot-melt aluminum, and some are turned into organic macromolecular polymers. The mixture of these carbon molecules and polymers is contained in the surface layer when the aluminum casting is formed, and becomes a dark spot we see. We can reduce the concentration of spraying agent, switch to another spraying agent, or increase the blowing time after spraying. To reduce the formation of carbon and prevent the accumulation of macromolecular polymers





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