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Company technical parameters

Company technical parameters

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Please directly install the product information (3D picture / 2D picture) and request to inform:


 a.Machined materials (magnesium alloy (AZ91D AM60B, etc.) aluminum alloy (ADC12 ADC10 A356.2 DM5, etc.))

b. Production and processing quantity

d. Do you need heat treatment and surface treatment?

e. Machining accuracy

f. If you feel that the price of this store is expensive, compare it with the benefits there. Do a lot of details. I do n’t know. I do n’t want to explain it too much. The drawings are best on white. It is convenient for me to print (please indicate if you have other requirements)

g. Please send the drawings that need to be processed to our email address zhaochunghuang168@163.com or QQ (1497063213/425090969), and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Matters needing attention in processing:


1. The factory will use the express delivery you are most satisfied with in express delivery. Please tell me in advance (the freight customer pays) or the buyer specifies;

2. In the general case of the drawings, the tolerance requirements should be indicated. Those who need special attention can call (13825787603);

3. About the delivery time Due to occasional unforeseen circumstances, the factory cannot guarantee 100% delivery within the agreed time, but will do our best to complete it in advance or within the agreed time.

4. The factory needs to provide drawings for processing. Before you make an inquiry, please prepare the drawings (drawing format can be 2D or 3D). Please indicate the tolerance range. Parts with interrelationships need special declaration;

5. Custom processing, single piece and small batch parts processing, (customer develop CAD, PDF, stp and pro / e drawings for quotation, please indicate whether the quotation includes tax, the company can invoice,)

   6. The factory refuses to process and discuss parts that conflict with national laws


Product details parameters:


Processing service type

Welcome to drawings, sample processing, or design, production according to customer requirements

Die casting machine tonnage

Die-casting process

Die-casting → water outlet → deburring → grinding → drilling → tapping → CNC finishing → surface treatment → QC inspection → packaging

Surface treatment

Anodizing, oil spray, powder spray, baking paint, electrophoretic film, flashing, electricity, sand blasting, etc., or according to customer requirements


Magnesium alloy: AZ91D AM60B, etc.Aluminum alloy: ADC12 ADC10 A356.2 DM5, etc.

weight 0.1-10KG
idea Ensure quality and innovation  
Certificate ISO9001:2008International Quality System Certification





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